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Abacus Free Demo Course

Abacus Demo

Free modules on Abacus for Grade 1 to 4.

Abacus Level 1

Abacus Basic

Introduction to Abacus beads and formulae. 

Abacus Level 2

Abacus Basic

Practicing 5, 10 finger and combination formulae.

Abacus Level 3

Abacus Intermediate

Fun with Visualization and Multiplication.

Abacus Level 4

Abacus Intermediate

Visualization, Add, Subtract and Multiply 3 digit numbers.

Abacus Level 5

Abacus Intermediate

2 and 3 Digit tables and Decimal operations.

Abacus Level 6

Abacus Advance

3 digit tables, division and decimal calculations.

Abacus Level 7

Abacus Advance

4 digit tables, division and decimal with visualization.

Abacus Level 8

Abacus Advance

HCF, LCM, Square, Square root, Cube and Cube root.

Abacus Master Pro 1

Master Abacus

Master Higher order visual learning and calculations.

Abacus Master Pro 2

Master Abacus

Master International Level Skills.

Abacus Sample Test


This is a Sample Abacus Test for Practise.