Vedic Maths Level 5

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Decimals, LCM, HCF, Square, Cube, Square root and Cube root.

Course Description

Mastering the skills and the Sutras (formulae) and techniques for efficient learning methodology and faster calculation to apply in the curriculum. The student will be exposed to solving algebraic expressions and amalgamate with other mathematical techniques. Mastering decimal, square and cube operations. The Child will go through various brain development skills and worksheets led by a Live instructor along with various gamified activity based modules and assessments.Click here to login and access courses.

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Level 5 :
1. LCM and HCF
2. Decimal Multiplication and Division
3. Multiplication of Three Digit Numbers
4. Special Multiplication and Division of Numbers
5. Square and Square root of a Number
6. Cube and Cube root of a Number
7. Vinculum

Suitable for Grade / Class

Grade 5 Onwards

Learning Outcome

At the end of this level, the children are capable of performing Square and Square root, Cube and Cube root, Higher order multiplication and division.


Level Assessment and Certification

Number of Sessions

20 sessions per Level

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