Conceptual Math Class 8

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Conceptual Gamified Curriculum for Grade 8

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Conceptual Mathematics is an amalgamation of the concepts that builds the child from an early age. The course will take care of the Mathematics concepts that are taught as per age in a more interactive way. The students will get the benefit of Live sessions with the teacher as well as interactive activities will strengthen the conceptual knowledge. The ability to develop brain and work on brain development exercises gives an opportunity to learn complex calculations and help achieve the desired results not only in Mathematics but in other subjects as well. The pillars on which the philosophy of the unique curriculum approach are:
1) Visual learning
2) Activities and games to learn the concepts
3) Inter relation and real life skills learning
4) Gamified assessments to practice the conceptual learning
5) Comprehensive performance report and certificate
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Level 8 :
1.Introduction to Conceptual Learning
2. Factors, HCF and LCM
3. Integers and its Operations
4. Rational Numbers and its Operations
5. Exponents and Roots
6. Ratios, Rates and Proportion
7. Direct and Indirect Proportions
8. Percentage and its Applications
9. Profit and Loss, Discounts
10. Conversion of Units and Scientific representation of Measurement
11. Coordinate Geometry and Plane
12. 2D figures and applications and symmetry
13. Congruence and Similarity
14. Construction of Geometrical shapes
15. Circles, 3D figures and its operations
16. Pythagoras theorm
17. Algebraic expressions, Properties and its Factors
18. Logicl Reasoning and Number Sequencing
19. Linear equations and its application
20. Monomials, Polynomials and its Operations
21. Data Interpretation and graphs
22. Statistics
23. Probability

Suitable for Grade / Class

Grade 8

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course the students will have understanding of basic concepts of operations with age appropriate learning of higher order thinking skills, deep understanding of concepts, and applying mathematics to other areas of learning. The Students will be able to seamlessly do the calculations and comprehend the problems and apply in the real life scenario.


Downloadable Worksheets,
Level Assessment and Certification

Number of Sessions

50 sessions per Level

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