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Communication Builder for Grade 7 and 8

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English communication builder program is one of the unique steps towards developing spoken English skills in students. The program has been designed to provide training to school children through a unique methodology. The Program is developed taking into consideration the understanding level of the student of all the classes.
Course Content and Mechanisms
The content delivered till date gives a strong enhancement in increasing brain power. As a foundation on which we train and motivate children in achieving excellent results in communicative English following are some of the training mechanisms used:
Gamified Content: The students are exposed to various games which brings their inner potential to improve certain skill sets. This trains the students’ right and left brain simultaneously, hence creating an all-round development. There are board games and gamified worksheets as well as self learning exercises that generate interest in learning. It triggers ability to think in spoken language.
Age Appropriate Grade wise Content: For effective delivery and learning enhancement the students are exposed to child centric learning tools appropriate to their age group. Accordingly a detailed curriculum and mapping of activities is done grade wise to suit each learner in its own way.
Role Play: Enactment is a learning tool that drives the characterization in students and they understand the concepts in a much fun learning environment.
Flash Card Exercises: This develops the students' concentration and focusing abilities.
Abstract Exercises: This trains the students to have an acute response when dealing with situations and stimulates their latent capability in creative thinking and response to learn situational analysis, on the spot thinking, etc.
Listening Exercises: This develops the students' hearing ability, concentration and memory power together. The students are exposed to various genres of audio clips to fortify their listening skills.
See-and-Comprehend Exercises: The students' patience, imaginative ability and ability of comprehend through visual and pictorial learning, seeing and listening through videos with easy as well as complex exercises is developed through this section.
Enhancement-Worksheets Exercises: Additional practice through well crafted worksheets as well as self paced learning online exercises helps students to strengthen their exposure towards enhanced English learning.
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Creators Level 2


Level 2 :
1. Introduction to Communication Builder
2.Type of Sentences, Idioms and Phrases
3. Nouns and Pronouns with Singular and Plural form
4. Verbs and Tenses
5. Adjectives and Adverbs
6. Vocabulary with Root Words
7. Subject Writing: Fiction, Fact, Narration
8. Prepositions, Prefix and Suffix
9. Logical Reasoning with Letters and Words
10. Creative Writing: Poem, Story
11. Real Life Literacy: relative words
12. Sequencing with Visual Learning Comprehension
13. Auditory Learning Comprehension
14. Logical reasoning with letters and Words
15. Cryptic Puzzles and building games
16. Contextual Speaking, Writing and Comprehension
17. Figure of Speech: Simile, Metaphor, Personification

Suitable for Grade / Class

Grade 5 and 6

Learning Outcome

By going through the program students will experience:
1. Understanding phonetics and sentence construction.
2. Improvement in the command over their language through understanding nuances of effective communication.
3. Build narration, writing and speaking skills.
4. Students express themselves in a better way.
5. Involves students to actively participate in language learning exercises through pictorial learning and gamification.


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Number of Sessions

40 sessions per Level

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