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Robomindz Basic: AI with Robotics for Grade 5 Onwards

10 Sessions

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The Robotics Program is one such unique combination of learning and fun that is not only the perfect way to learn the subject but also with a mission to inculcate the values of innovation and perseverance to achieve a goal. It is needless to say that, there’s theory & then there’s practice and then there is one’s own experience. Wisemindz programs combine theory and practice in such a way that it enriches your overall experience in the robotics world. Click here to login and access courses.

Robotics – a science

Do you get fascinated by words like IOT, AI, Robotronics, Automation, Humanoid, Drone, etc.? While the world has already moved towards Artificial Intelligence, how can we keep our aspiring minds isolated from one of the most interesting topics? Most of the jobs are going to be taken away by robotronics and there is an equal amount of need for people to develop these Robots. Robotics is a stream of science and technology that are used to develop machines which can substitute for humans and replicate their actions. It performs complex functions at abnormal temperatures, difficult terrains and likewise.

How Wisemindz Robotics works?

One can’t learn swimming without entering the waters, similarly one has to work on the electronic components to learn robotics. Every student gets a components kit that will be used to assemble and design the working models and experiments. The program is broadly divided into two sections, practical and theory sessions.

Engages Young Minds

Wisemindz Robotics Program engages young minds to help learn the creative side of the robots and build their own future machines. At an early stage, child as young as 10 years old gets exposure to structured learning of understanding machines and its components.

Additional Information


Robomindz Basic:


Level Robomindz Basic:
1.Introduction to Components
2.Applications, Circuits
3.Microcontroller and IC
4.Introduction to Arduino Coding
5.Other Output Device Programming
6.Online Simulation
7.Mini Application Project

Suitable for Grade / Class

Grade 5 Onwards

Learning Outcome

Students will learn Power of automation and Learn to code Robots


Performance report
Mentoring Session and Certificate,

Number of Sessions

10 sessions

Other Details

Robotics Kit at additional charges that can be used for all three levels.
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Tax Extra as per Government



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